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Sino Esoteric Buddhism is a profound religion. It is not only the Buddhist treasure also the common spiritual wealth of all mankind. Sino Esoteric Buddhism in history has made important contributions to friendly and civilized exchanges among Asian countries and becomes a link between Asian Civilization. It has been writing a brilliant chapter in the history of human civilization exchange.

In the early 1990s, by great karma, the descendant of Sino Esoteric Buddhism, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei stepped out the mountains and the country with Buddha's Vajra Seed of wisdom. Since then, his footstep spread all over dozens of countries and regions. He carried the ancient Sino Esoteric Culture forward in the world, propagated the great love, and affected the resentment. He sowed the seeds of peace, friendship, and fraternity all the way…..

In view of the warm expectation of all walks of life in the United States and overseas Chinese, in order to better spread wisdom and love of Sino Esoteric Buddhism, to promote world peace, to open up a pure spiritual practice center for sentient beings, on 28th Jan 2017, the world league of Sino Esoteric Buddhism Association was established in New York by the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei 

JinYin Temple is on the side of highway 209 in Pennsylvania, one hour’s drive from Newark Airport in New York. Traffic is convenient with a large parking lot. The temple covers an area of hundreds of acres, beautiful environment, ecological integrity, and vegetation lush is adjacent to the United States National Forest Park. A mirror-like lake, the Jinyin lake is surrounded by the center of the temple full of towering ancient wood, a clear river across the temple, murmuring through.

The temple is well equipped with a large meditation center and a number of meditation training rooms, and a catering department that serves thousands of people at the same time. With 128-star standard rooms, it can provide comfortable and peaceful accommodation for pilgrims and meditators around the world. 

The Jinyin temple mainly has four major functional area: Sino Esoteric meditation center, cultural exchange center, mandala art exhibition area, and International Conference Center. 

Sino Esoteric Buddhism Meditation Center:

Based on the original event center, after redevelopment, the Great Tang Royal style large meditation center can accommodate 3,000 meditators at the same time. The meditation houses will be built up at the Jinyin lakeside towering ancient woods with Suzhou and Hangzhou garden pavilions. The meditation center will be open to pilgrims around the world. It can hold large-scale blessing meeting, experience and learn Sino Esoteric Buddhism Culture.

Cultural Exchange Center: 

In planning, there is a Sino Esoteric Buddhism Museum, Chinese gongfu hall, Yoga Museum, Painting and Calligraphy training room, Chinese learning, Oriental traditional culture house, indoor concert hall. People all over the world who love oriental culture can learn and experience Chinese culture here.

Mandala Art Exhibition Area: 

It will be planning to have Calligraphy and Painting Institute, sculpture institute, embroidery workshop as well as incense lore and tea ceremony show hall etc. This area devotes to the research and development of fine culture and artistic works of Jinke Mandala Arts.

International Conference Center: 

Rely on the multi-functional conference room, guest room, catering department, this center will open to all sectors of the community, hold various wine parties and academic conferences. 

The Jinyin temple in the future will become an important platform for cultural exchanges between China and United States, an important carrier for demonstrating China’s outstanding traditional culture, and a center of pilgrimage and aspiration of the peoples around the world.

After redeveloped, the temple will be a colorful window to show the world excellent traditional Chinese culture. It will be an important platform for people of different religions and worshippers from China and all over the world to venerate the Buddha, worship Buddha, practicing, visiting, and cultural exchange.


Open and beautiful JinYin Temple welcomes the youyuan persons from all over the world. 

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