The teacher said: a person has lost the bodhi, and then the othe

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Excerpt from the "Chinese talents" in 2009, the article "wish: the return of the zhengfa of China's golden age"

Reporter: how do you believe in Buddhism?

The master: "latter-day beings do not believe Buddhism does not believe causality, corrupt the materialistic enjoyment, not out of the centrifugal and bodhicitta, easily misled by apare evil t d words and deeds, to stay away from the teachings, from the realistic society. The Buddha should not only have a centrifugal, but also a bodhi mind is the right way. A selfish and greedy person cannot afford the bodhi heart, the pure bodhi heart must be in the heart of the good root of the root, germination. The bodhi heart is like a seed that can give birth to all buddhas. The bodhi heart is like a good field, which can grow the white and the pure. The bodhi heart, like the earth, can hold all the worldly things; The bodhi heart, just like clean water, can wash all the troubles. The bodhi heart is like a strong wind. The bodhi heart is like fire, which can burn all the salaried wages. The bodhi heart, like the net day, is all worldly; Bodhi heart, unthinking, not negotiable... Secret life rare, dharma smelly, more bad, the good faith the dharma, continued in the practice of the rare thing in the world, to learn the Buddha do cover ripoff, greed for fame and wealth are a dime a dozen, it is easy to do a buddhist disciples do a real qualified buddhist disciples is really not easy. A man who has lost the bodhi, is the other way.

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