The master talks about "have and lose"

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Excerpts from "peace for the realization of the Chinese dream world"

Reporter: when it comes to study Buddhism, now famous mountains big temple burned incense and kowtow is packed with people, even some officials also very devout prayer, hope Buddha bodhisattva will bless them, these people are the real learning Buddha?

Jin Ke XuanLei vajra guru: now although there are many people burn incense worshipping Buddha, but not the letter is the dharma, they don't ask, don't ask ghosts and gods, the rise and pray to Buddha for help on, want to get something for nothing, evade the cause and effect. This is ignorance, superstition, not only in vain, but also in industry. If Buddha's bodhisattva would protect the corrupt, the false party of the party to get rich, to evade the legal sanction, this is to slander the dharma! Buddhism opposed superstition, advocated wisdom, and did not passively entrust its own destiny to which Buddha which god. A dharma integrity of the people, will cause and effect, faith in the lazy, let Chen to delusion, with five precepts ten good discipline yourself, consciously learning Buddha bodhisattva of great mercy, selfless, wholeheartedly for the spirit. Wealth and wealth are the causes of man and man. Those who are second by are abhorred and rich; Bodhisattvas do not waste wealth, but convenient to achieve for altruistic reasons; Buddha is no more than no, the rich and the poor, the like, are the karma of the past, so we can enjoy the prosperity and compassion of the people, only Buddha can! From the life of vanity and luxury, it is also the advance of life. What is true is often false; It is true that the pursuit of something is false. No, no, no, no...

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