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Excerpt from the realization of China dream world peace

Reporter: respect of Jin Ke XuanLei vajra guru, xi jinping, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) in Paris last year, chairman of the speech of Buddhism deeply, both at home and abroad caused strong reaction, what do you think of this problem?

Jin Ke XuanLei vajra guru: xi jinping in Paris, chairman of the speech, on mutual respect, exchanges and integration among different civilizations made sense, and an unprecedented comprehensively discusses the process and significance of sinicization of Buddhism, emphasize to realize China's dream is the development of material civilization and spiritual civilization fly wing to wing, the Chinese traditional culture must also keep up with the development of The Times coruscate gives more vigorous vitality.

On March 27, President xi jinping delivered an important speech at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

In his speech, President xi quoted napoleon as saying, "there are two forces in the world: the sword and the thought; For long, the sword is always defeated by the mind. The dharma says, "the heart is a variety of methods, the heart is destroyed, the heart is the various methods. It is the power of the mind to be in the heart of all things. In the 21st century, the wisdom of dharma can promote the great love of mankind, the drive of evil, the protection of the people and the realization of peace. We should integrate the wisdom of the dharma and the great spirit of kindness into the hearts of every living creature, and make a positive contribution to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great national rejuvenation. Vision of a new generation of leaders, all rivers run into sea, radical, fundamentally find the direction of the national rejuvenation, lay good foundation for the harmonious development of society, but it needs a common effort, believe that a great era is coming.

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