Talking about corruption: original source, positive and causa

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Excerpt from the article "realizing China dream world forever peace"

Reporter: why do some people easily violate their moral conscience in the face of power, money and beauty? China does not lack legal provisions, and why does it continue to breed corruption?

Jin Ke XuanLei vajra guru: some people do not believe in past lives hereafter, also don't believe in heaven and hell, karma, and in the suffering of samsara, think not having fun, died later will not be able to enjoy, so in the face of temptation, is easy to loss of moral bottom line, indulge in beer and skittles, selfish greedy vortex, the national state, the people's livelihood event into a child's play.

The law is determined by the people, and the law is done by the people, the people are not right, the way is evil, the good system, the legal provisions will be used by the evil spirit. The law is the bottom line of morality. It is the last line of defense for the maintenance of order, which can only punish the external criminal behavior, but not prevent and dissolve the evil in people's heart. The root cause of corruption is not found at the source, and it is not possible to solve the problem fundamentally from the deep inner consciousness.

Reporter: the past dynasties, the east and the west, every country is corrupt, excuse me, what is the root cause of the corruption problem?

The stele of the tang court

Jin ke xueking of the teacher: ask spring which should be clear? Only the source of fresh water. The effectiveness of the rule of law must be found in the source, which is that the citizens must have a moral foundation, without moral education and constraints, and it is difficult to effectively implement them. Only have the corruption from the heart to know your own mistakes, and be ashamed of your own mind and behavior, they will back from the brink, confess from the heart, to the punishment is not hatred, amends. "History As A Mirror" records, six years of tang dynasty, emperor taizong longitudinal sent all death row 390 home account affairs, agreed in the second year of autumn in Beijing again the victim, the following year in September, all prisoners return, none of the fuselage unseen. Why are these condemned prisoners who know they have been sentenced? What other country can be so confident and civilized now?

The tang dynasty attaches great importance to the common role of punishment in criminal law and the teaching of Buddhism. Censorate is to specifically investigate and punish corrupt officials in the tang dynasty in the middle of the top watchdog, similar to today's party, censorate buddhist temple are installed near the prison, the prisoners were held, must first to heard in the buddhist temple, is causal letter, in front of the Buddha bodhisattva repentance from the heart, ashamed of his own greed and behavior, remove the heart of greed and hatred, peace of mind and turn over a new leaf, turn over a new leaf! The emperor's stele was established in the years after tang mizu's bravery and diamond wisdom to datang. The purpose of this is to show that the law of the world is slow and slow, and that there is no truth in the truth.

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