The master said, there are a lot of people in the late French e

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Excerpts from the "realization of the Chinese dream world forever peace"

Reporter: the Buddha dharma can give us a lot of reputation for the governance of the country! However, there are some superstitions in the buddhist world, which make some people not believe in Buddhism and avoid Buddhism. How do you think about these problems?

Jin Ke XuanLei vajra guru: Buddha Buddha in the word on the eve of the Lord to the best of everything in our power, failure would poison: backwardness in method at the end of the age, it will lead son demons that sun, in Buddhism, buddhist of uniform, chanting home, cleaned of Buddhism, disrupt the buddhist teachings, as in "leng yan sutra says:" evil teacher, such as the Ganges river sand ". Method at the end of the era, numbered, mixed company, chicken with chicken group, said a lot of people, few on line method, the good faith continued in the practice of dhamma, rare earth, learning Buddha do cover, ripoff, borrow teaching calls are a dime a dozen. These people don't believe in cause and effect, deceit, greedy for profit, any distortion of the dharma, undermined the image of Buddhism, trample the congregation pencil-thin, obstacles to learn all living Buddha to good roads, and make the living beings astray, how many people cheated suffer them, made the deep suffering, it may be said "hell in front of the monk". We also hope that they will slowly and gradually realize that their own behavior can produce some shameful heart and call back a little conscience, which is also their progress. Let us all come together to pray for them, and let them do less evil, and return to the shore, and everything will have a cause and effect.

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