The master shows that idealism and materialism are not antagoni

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Excerpts from the "realization of the Chinese dream world forever peace"

Reporter: learning the chairman's speech is great encouragement to the broad masses of patriotic religious figures, but some people will still to the cultural revolution "broken capitalism" view of religion, that traditional Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism culture is the feudal superstition, idealism is not scientific, please talk about your view.

Jin Ke XuanLei vajra guru: profound dharma, all-encompassing, it includes the world and the world, but how in the world, and its teachings profoundly expounds the essence of the universe, and the ways to practice, to guide sentient beings is letter, is seen, are, and enlightenment. Dharma and repairing, be particular about "the evil mo, the adherence to the" good start, the five precepts person, take ten good and still have to go up to heaven, enlightened me empty partial true qualities and mend its tone, edge berries, enlightened me method of two empty theory and mend the wonderful Buddha fruit. Not buddhist philosophy, also is not science, it is a philosophy and a more philosophical origin, is a scientific and more scientific edge, secular and religious enlightenment, more is idealism and idealism of the sacred heart.

Idealism and the materialism not opposites, but the same thing in two different aspects of the unity of opposites, is depend on each other mutual coexistence indivisible, our body is the material, our spirit is the soul, no day, no night, no man, no woman... There is nothing but heart. This is the origin of all things. If the idealism and the materialism as fire and water are incompatible, the world of human beings will always fight, fight each other, never safe and harmonious society, won't get the real freedom of religious belief, won't get to purify the human moral and spiritual civilization and improve! Changing this phenomenon requires the advocacy and guidance of the state, and we need our patience and tolerance.

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