The greatest thing in life is the dharma

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The master said: "our body in the world through all the ups and downs, Maya angelou, such as illusory, sentient beings of life is the harmony, not eternal, is the edge birthday. The color body and the dust environment, all by the unming and the ignorance, in fact even ignorance is false, without self - nature. Life is short, and his value and significance lies in the buddhist dharma, the planting of Buddha roots, the six degrees of reality, the life and death, which is the biggest thing in life."

The master said: "last time beings do not believe Buddhism does not believe causality, corrupt the materialistic enjoyment, not out of the centrifugal and bodhicitta, easily misled by apare evil t d words and deeds, to stay away from the teachings, from the realistic society."

"We want to know, a good grasp myself, don't I hold is overweight, people alive is not to covet fame and wealth, life is short, life is impermanent, we are going to create the value of life and how to live a meaningful life to YuanCheng own Buddha nature, with the bodhi, plant root is the key to the Buddha. If we don't have spiritual beliefs, we can't set the right values."

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