The first silk road wenbo will hold the golden kormandala art ch

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The art of mandala was brilliant in the first dunhuang wenbo meeting

On September 20, 2016 - on October 10, the first of the silk road (dunhuang) international cultural fair, held in dunhuang in the mandala art exhibition, attracted from Russia, Germany, Sri Lanka, Chile, kyrgyzstan and other leaders, experts and scholars both at home and abroad to come for a friendly cultural exchanges, gansu provincial party committee, the provincial, propaganda department and cultural department, the department of science, and other leaders at all levels to visit the exhibition hall of dunhuang city, highly evaluation of the mandala art, the audience is an endless stream.

Jinke's xuehui's "the need for a bottle" was sold at 1 million yuan

On the eve of the end of the civil war, the artists of jinke, the Chinese tang mian, and the artists of the mandala donated several pieces of wenbo exhibition to participate in the charity auction, and the total amount of money was 3.84 million yuan. Under the auspices of song jiamin, deputy mayor of dunhuang city, all donations were made.

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