To Promote World Peace by Carrying Forward the Traditional Cultu

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The 2016 World Diplomats Cultural Experience Trip at the Golden Lotus Lake in Shanglin, Guangxi

The Hundred Thousand Mountains of Guangxi Welcomed Distinguished Guests from Around the World

In response to President Xi Jinping’s initiatives to promote world peace, to increase communication with international communities and to strengthen friendships between China and all countries around the world by carrying forward Chinese traditional cultures, the World Association of Diplomats organized the “2016 World Diplomats Chinese Culture Trip”.  A delegation of over 50 diplomats from Sri Lanka, Columbia, Chili, Russia, Malaysia, Hungry, Mongolia, Czech Republic and many other countries,  along with representatives from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the United Nations Development Program and the League of Arab States visited the Golden Lotus Lake in Shanglin, Guangxi on March 12th.

The lingering morning fog from the Golden Lotus Lake covered the golden roofs of the Lianyin Temple on the 12th, the dharma bell pealed through the chill air to bring grandeur and tranquility over the temple grounds.  As the clock strikes ten, two roles of solemn honor guards marched out of the temple to welcome honorable guests from around the world.  While diplomats and representatives debussed and walked towards the gate of the temple, the air was filled with the peal of bell and the roll of drum mixed together with roars from firecrackers.  Instantaneously, the mountains and the Golden Lotus Lake were filled with excitement.

The abbot of the Lianyin Temple welcomed the diplomats and representatives at the gate of the temple where he put the Sino Esoteric Buddhism Ribbon on them, a symbol for peace and friendship.  Led by the honor guards, diplomats reached the Main Hall of the temple where the Dharmacharyas chanted sutras while offering incenses to the Buddhas.  They pray to the Buddhas to bless their honorable guests who have travelled from afar and for the happiness and health of all people around the world.

United by Common Destiny to Protect the Home of Mankind

After the diplomats visited the temple, they were led to the front of the majestic “World Peace Prayer Mandala” to participate in the event to plant the “World Peace and Friendship Trees”.  The World Peace Prayer Mandala is situated on the eastern shore of the Golden Lotus Lake.  It is a Sino Esoteric Buddhism Prayer Mandala built according to the rite of the Jinke lineage.  The Mandala consists of five levels in total, each higher than the last and every level is surrounded by Vajra Guardians.  At the center of the top level is the pagoda of protection.  Its form resembles a Vajra Dharma Instrument, a  symbol of the Vajradhatu Mandala, to remove all evil; its form also resembles a golden lotus, a symbol of the Garbhadhatu Mandala, to bring wisdom of Bodhi.  The complete layout of the prayer Mandala combined the Vajradhatu and Garbhadhatu Mandala into one.  It was built with intentions to express the great compassionate spirit of protecting the nation and benefiting the people, removing evils and upholding the righteous, bringing solemnity to the country, and praying for World Peace.

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