World peace - the king of the king, the king of the king of the

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In the "65th American national breakfast prayer meeting", the king of gold and the king of the king, king of gold, gave a speech on the world peace.


The king of jinke is the master law of the world peace blessing law of sino-american friendship

Jin Ke XuanLei vajra guru at the invitation of the U.S. congress, led by the Chinese Tang Mi delegation's visit to the United States, to participate in "the sixty-fifth President of the national prayer breakfast will 'praying for world peace, elite from the United States senate and house dignitaries, as well as the head of more than one hundred countries, ambassador and famous people all over the world more than 4000 people to listen to the teacher" wish the world peace forever "the theme of the speech, won thunderous applause, after the master also met with a number of politicians in the United States congress members, enhance the people's understanding of China in the United States, promoting the friendly relations between China and the United States.

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