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A Brief Introduction

A brief introduction to the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei

Practiced in the Deep Mountains to become a Dharmakaya Master

In December 1958, in Yizhou, Guangxi Autonomous Region of China, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei was born. During his early childhood, he had the great fortune to be ferried over by the hermit, his Greatness Master Jinyin, a great Dharmaraja of Esoteric Buddhism.  In the Lianyin Mountains, he was given the Dharma name “Jinke Xuanlei” in his initiation into Esoteric Buddhism, his master bestowing him with Vajrayana Abhisheka.  For more than ten years, with immense concentration and rigid austerity the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei practicedEsoteric Buddhism and achieved Wholly Complete Enlightenment.  During this time with guidance from his master he studied and practiced: the Mahavairocana Sutra, the VajrasekharaSutra, the Sussiddhikara Sutra, the Fundamentals of Tripitaka, the Sutra ofPerfect Enlightenment, the Esoteric Abhisheka by Master, the Yogayogi  Sutra, the Ghanavyuha Sutra, theAvatamsaka  Sutra, the Surangama Sutra,the Dharma to Reach the Holy World by Dharani, the Humane King Sutra, the Bodhicitta Sutra, the Commentary on the Mahayana Treatise, the Sun and Moon,the Jinke Mandala Vajradhatu and Garbhadhatu Esoteric Tripitaka, the Esoteric Inner Dharma Sequential Meditation, the Ridhisaksatkriya Shila and Vinaya and many other classics of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.  Upon reaching enlightenment he was fully awakened to the esoteric essences of the Tathagata, mastered the five ancient sciences and attained the complete truth of all Dharma.  His Spirit ascended into the divine realm of the Buddhas and there he was predicted by the Mahavairocana to reach Buddhahood and attain divine wisdom from enlightenment and inherit the lineage of theDharmakaya essences from Tathagata within Jinke Saddharma.  The Samhogakaya of Bodhisattva Manjusrimanifested in front of him while in a deep state of meditation bestowing on himAbhisheka and taught him the most complete doctrines of Anuttarayoga.  Many might know that The Vajra master JinkeXuanlei was born and raised in Guangxi, was introduced to and practicedEsoteric Buddhism, but few know the rigorous hardships he had to overcome.

Into the depths of the freezing, windswept forest he went.  There within the desolate wilderness, the sky was his tent and the earth his bed, in the domain of snakes and ferocious beasts.  Battling with the extremes of the natural world all year round and deprived of all necessities, fruits, and dew was all there was.  In the mists of mountain peaks he meditated and in the flow of mountain streams he exercised day in and day out.  He suffered hardships none had suffered before and endured pains none have suffered since!   There is a saying in Chinese: He who is enjoying the taste of fruits often forget the hardships of those who cultivate.”  Even with his endurance stretched beyond the bounds he eventually conquered all in his path to become aMa ha sidd ha of perfect enlightenment. The brutal forces of Nature have made his will as strong as steel and the infinite information of the cosmos has given him the strength to overcome all worldly thoughts and enter Prajna Sainthood.  After all his achievements he did not forget about the people.  With an all-merciful heart, he left the mountains to be amongst them, for the benefit of all.

An Overview of the Lineage of Sino Esoteric Buddhism

Sino esoteric Buddhism is also known as Vajrayana Buddhism. It originally came to prominence during the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty when IndianMahasiddhas of the Madhyamaka School and Yogacara School of Mahayana Buddhism brought Vajrayana Buddhism to the royal court of China.  Subhakarasimha came via the inland Silk roadVajrabohdi and his disciple Amoghavajra traveled by the maritime SilkRoad.  As such, the practitioners now revere Vajrabohdi as the founder of Sino Esoteric Buddhism and his discipleAmoghavajra as his successor.  TheseMahasiddhas translated enormous volumes of Buddhist Sutras from Sanskrit to Chinese that continued to benefit the generations thereafter.  Huilang was appointed successor byAmoghavajra, the provenance of this lineage to be found in many historical documents.

As the end of the Middle Day of Law approached towards the end of the latter periods of theTang Dynasty, Skhanda-maras entered the Human Realm to be reborn as humans.  Filled with the obsession of Imperialism the Emperor Wuzong began the Great Anti-Buddhist Persecution which caused the decline of Buddhism in China. Many assumed that Sino esoteric Buddhism started to diminish during this period even though later during the Song Dynasty there were many virtuousDharmacharyas such as Shichuan, Shihu and Faxian.  They continued to translate sutras andpropagate Buddha Dharma but there was no enlightened master to carry on thelineage of esoteric Abhisheka thus leading to the belief that Esoteric Buddhism had disappeared after the Yuan Dynasty. It is thought by popular belief that between Exoteric and Esoteric Buddhism that Esoteric Buddhism was the first to perish, and between the Dharmata sect and the Wei-shi school, Wei-shi was the first to fade away.  Unknown to the general public, neitherEsoteric Buddhism nor the Wei-shi school disappeared but took refuge in the mountains to continue passing down their lineages in secret.  The lineage of the Dharmakaya embodiment has been passed down since the latter period of the Tang Dynasty.  This has been passed down to many great masters such as Master Qizhenxinghai, Master Rilunjiemo, Master Bayinduda,Master Jinyin and Master Jinke Xuanlei. Within the deep mountain forests of Dian, Gui, and Qian regions ofChina, these Mahasiddhas live in seclusion to practice esoteric Buddhism.  Years of hardships and deep meditations give them access to pure and untainted wisdoms of Vajrayana Samadhi.  On attaining such wisdoms, they would be covered with radiances from the truth of Vajrayana Buddhism and theirDharmakayas would shine on the entire Buddhists’ worlds in the ten directions.  Their divine spirits would reached the realm of the Buddhas to embody the Tathagata’s Photon like Dharmakaya; neither whence nor whither, both real and unreal, no death nor birth, and be always enlightened in all of eternity.  Because of the Depended Originations and the wills of sentient beings had not reached its full potential during the Mappo era, these great masters remained in the deep mountains to ferry over willing sentient beings in the Dharma worlds and those in our world who possess enough deeds of blessed virtues, Buddha-nature,wisdom, and temperament.

The ultimate goals of practicing Sino Esoteric Buddhism are to attain Buddhahoodand also to teach the doctrines of the Buddha to all sentient beings.  Sino Esoteric Buddhism therefore also paysgreat attentions to the exoteric methods of practicing the dharma.  When facing the practitioners of the Dharmatasect and the Wei-shi School, Sino Esoteric Buddhism chooses different methodsto teach the true meanings of “Sunyata” (Void) and “Bhava” (State of being) baseon the temperament of each individual. These methods are also combined with esoteric practices to attaindifferent levels of enlightenment.  Theessences of Sino Esoteric Buddhism lie in the lineage of Dharmakaya embodimentthrough esoteric practice of Mahasamaya dharma. Because of its method of transmission, non-esoteric practitioners wouldnot have access to know of its existence. The Chinese imperial families had always believed in Sino EsotericBuddhism, but they were bound by the vows of samaya to keep a tight seal on theRituals of Dharani from the esoteric essences; unsanctioned transmission toothers were strictly prohibited.  It wasvery hard for the general populace to know the true natures of Sino EsotericBuddhism, this resulting in the assumption that it had disappeared from the Hanregion.  The real truth was that it hadonly disappeared from the main streams of Buddhism, but disappearing does notmean it had perished.  The lineage ofembodying Tathagata’s Dharmakaya will never perish, and it is the same for allthe esoteric essences of Tathagata.  Whenthe dependent origination for its existence has perished it will be concealed;and when the dependent origination for its existence has been met it willreappear again.  This is the truth of alldharma and forever will be so.  TheShingon sect, the Tendai sect, the Tibetan sect and the miscellaneous sect ofesoteric Buddhism all originated from the doctrines of Mahavairocana.  The true Dharani from the esoteric essencesof Tathagata’s Dharmakaya had always remained in the Han region of China, notin Japan.  It had continued passing downits lineage of Dharmakaya embodiment in the deep mountains.

Theessences of Sino Esoteric Buddhism were never lost; its lineage does not passdown by simple teachings of doctrines, by the general spreading of sutras, byperforming rituals, by the symbolic inheritance of robes, alms bowls and relicsand nor does it by academic research of Buddhism theories and cultures.  Its essences lie in following the teachingsof enlightened masters when Saddharma appears in response to setting in motionthe wheel of the dharma.  When such aMaster is present, Saddharma will propagate in the world; when such a Master isnot present, Saddharma remains hidden. The esoteric teachings of the Buddha’s Saddharma lies in theconfirmation of the universal truth through practicing.  An Awakened One is virtuous with WhollyComplete Enlightenment; his Dharmakaya will remain in this world whileconnecting directly with the divine realm of Tathagata.  Hence the meaning in the lineage ofDharmakaya embodiment will never cease. Those who do not understand the power of this wisdom could only use therighteous to do the deed of the evil. The esoteric essences of Tathagata within Jinke Saddharma are theAnuttarayoga taught through speech and mind by a Vajra master who had embodiedthe Dharmakaya of Tathagata.  It is theultimate Vajrayana Buddhism of secret within a secret that is both exoteric andesoteric.  It had accumulated thefundamental practicing principles of all Buddhas before and include all therituals of Dharani from the esoteric essences in Mandalas.  These masters are fully awakened ones withboundless wisdoms and the insights to all truth.  They are the truth of the universe, thewisdom in all dharmas, and the guide to reach enlightenment.

Walking Out of the Deep Mountains to Give Salvation with Higher Knowledge

In 1983, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei had emerged from his practice in the mountains to visit numerous remote and poverty-stricken regions in Guangxi, China, such as Hechi, Yishan, Nandan, Huanjiang, Luocheng, Tian’e, Bama, Shanglin, Du’an, Baise, Longzhou, Fengshan…… where he helped and healed thousands of afflicted for free, propagated the Buddha-Dharma; gave salvationto those in torment.  The people he encountered showered him with love andesteem. He later went back to the deep mountains of the Guangxi AutonomousRegion, to Lianyin Mountain, to continue with his secluded esoteric meditationat the end of the year.

Master Jinke Xuanlei came down from the mountains again in May of 1993. The Masterstarted to propagate the Buddha-Dharma and also to heal the afflicted inNanning, Capital of the Guangxi Autonomous Region.  Great sensations arose all over the regionwherever he went in the most extraordinary fashion. From there on he wasinvited to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hainan, Hubei, Xinjiang, InnerMongolia, Tibet, Heilongjiang, Hong Kong then overseas to India, Bangladesh, Thailand,Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, USA, Canada,Australia, France, Palau, the UAE and India to propagate the Buddha-Dharma andto save all who are willing from torment with his compassion and mercy.  Since then tens of thousands of people havebeen treated by the Master, most of them improved greatly; many were with fataland obstinate diseases.

He is pouring out his heart and soul to grant health and happiness to all sentientbeings!  In the past three decades hisfootsteps have been all over the world. From the remote villages of the south to the bustling metropolises ofthe north, whether walking or driving, to poor village hut or a glamorouspalace, as long as there are people who have the will to be enlightened he willsave them all from torment with sincerity; for the rich or the poor, thepowerful or the powerless.  Hiscompassion and arduousness have made an indelible impression deep in the heartsof all who had ever met him.  Endlesstimes he has healed those with fatal diseases and saved them right from thejaws of death with a miraculous cure; endless other times he has givensalvation to those under torment and misfortunes by bearing all their deeds,thus reinforced people’s devotion to the Buddha-dharma.  His illustrious Divine powers shocked thosewho have witnessed and experienced them personally; the encounter has left animprint on their souls for all of eternity. It is no coincidence that peoplehave faith, respect, and trust in the Master. The pure reflection of his virtueis shown by the remarkable tales of his extraordinary actions which are bothlegendary and numerous.  The fame ofMaster Xuanlei had been spread around the world, bringing many governmentofficials such as numerous politicians, entrepreneurs, renowned scientists,specialists, scholars, and eminent persons from both home and abroad have givenhigh praises and dedications to the Master, bringing both nationally andinternationally focus on the Master.

Interviews and reports of the Master had been published by manymagazine, news and media outlets, including Xinhua News, Asian TV, Guangxi TV,Nanning TV, People’s Daily, CPPCC News, Wenweipo, China Old Age Paper, GuangxiDaily, Nanning Evening, Hong Kong Business, American New World Times, AmericanChinese Business, World Chinese Weekly in Canada, Top China, China BuddhistBussinessmen, Chinese Children, Sword, Golden Ages, Sports News, Who's Who inthe World, the Hindu, the Pioneer, Zee News, India Today, the Hindustan,Business Standards, the Indonesia International Daily News, the IndonesiaXunbao, and World Buddhism Forum.

Saddharma Reappears to Protect the Nation

During May of1997 and April of 1998, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei had two meetings withMr. Zhao Puchu, Vice-President of CPPCC and President of Buddhist Associationof China.  Mr. Zhao Puchu discussed withthe Master in depth with regards to the lineage and practicing methods of SinoEsoteric Buddhism.  Also discussed werethe contributions that Sino Esoteric Buddhism had made towards protecting thenation and the benefits it has brought to its people throughout history.  While immersed in the vast wisdoms of theMaster, Mr. Zhao Puchu was also very excited to hear that Sino EsotericBuddhism hadn’t perished.  He projectedfar into the future and aimed high with strategic goals of benefiting thenation and to bring happiness to its people. He earnestly entreated the Master: “Without the renaissance of SinoEsoteric Buddhism, the prosperity of Chinese Buddhism will not becomplete.  The prosperity of ChineseBuddhism should include the renaissance of Sino Esoteric Buddhism!  I shall be waiting anxiously for the Masterto bring back the renaissance when all the conditions and dependentoriginations have been met!  I wish withall my heart for Saddharma to reappear and illuminate our nation!”

With his disciples the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei visited the ShechenMonastery on June 29th of 2009, one of the six historical Monasteries of theNyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism on the earnest invitation of the LivingBuddha Gyahsap.  Local Tibetans all welcomedthe Master whole heartedly where ever he went. They were filled with joys of dharma, showered the Master with khataksand prostrated in hope that the Master would bless them by touching theirheads.  Hundreds of lamas, LivingBuddhas, and Rinpoches lined the road to welcome the arrival of theMaster.  The sound of Dharma hornsreached high into the sky to welcome the first visit of a Dharmaraja from theHan region!  The Master and the LivingBuddha Gyahsap had deep discussions about matters regarding Esoteric Buddhismin both the Han and Tibetan Regions, their results were promising.  This meeting will go down in history as oneof the most significant event in the exchanges of esoteric Buddhism between thetwo regions.

On December 29th of 2011, the Living Buddha Drukhang ThubtenKhedrup,  standing committee member ofthe CPPCC, the vice president of the China’s Buddhist Association, and thepresident of the Tibetan branch of China's Buddhist Association, visited theVajra Master Jinke Xuanlei at the Lianyin Temple of Shanglin in Guangxi.  The Master and the Living Buddha discussedthe issues of how to revive the religious harmony among the different ethnicgroups in Tibetan Autonomous Region and thus promoting World Peace.  The Living Buddha Drukhang happily said: “Itis a great blessing for the community of Buddhism and all sentient beings thatthe lineage of Sino Esoteric Buddhism is not lost, and there is still aMahasiddha amongst us.  Propagating SinoEsoteric Buddhism is both beneficial for our nation and its people……

Uponearnest request from the organizing committee, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanleiattended the 2013 Shoton Festival on August 6th, being held in Lhasa DrepungMonastery.  The Shoton Festival is one ofthe most significant and grandest holidays in Tibetan Buddhism and the regionalpeople’s life, with tens of thousands of believers from around the world comingto pay their prostration on this day. With the warmest welcome and earnest requests from Dharmacharyas,believers and staff, the majestic the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei formed esotericmudra with his hands, at the same time chanting the words of the Tathagata, themysteries which are his body, speech and mind all entering into Samadhi.  He then used the designated rituals fromesoteric pitaka of the Esoteric Buddhism Mandala to show Dharma, and to prayfor the Five Dhyani-Buddhas to descend on the Mandala to enter the Wisdom ofthe Embodied Nature of Dharmakaya……to bless all sentient beings with happinessand health.

The Master prays for happiness and health to believersfrom around the world, may they be purified off all their evil deeds, increasetheir wisdom and happiness, find the right path to Buddha-Dharma.  Let fate be within destiny and alwaysremember to contribute toward promoting Buddhism for the solidarity amongethnic groups and to maintain social stability!

On November 17th of 2011, the historical city of Xi’an was graced withthe warmth of the sun and clear blue skies, the gloomy rain that had beenfalling for days was nowhere to been seen. The Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei and his disciples attended the “Symposiumof Sino Esoteric Buddhism Culture” upon the invitation from Buddhism ResearchDepartment of the Northwestern University. On the afternoon of the 18th the Master gave a lecture on the topic of“Sino Esoteric Buddhism and a Harmonious Society” at the “Jinke Cultural Hall”of the Buddhism Research Department. Ph.D.s, Professors, teachers, and students from the NorthwesternUniversity, Shanxi Normal University, Xi’an Technology University TraditionalCulture Research Department, Northwestern University Buddhism ResearchDepartment, along with officials from department of education, localentrepreneurs, and elites from all walks of life gathered together to listen tothe brilliant expositions of the Master.

Theabbot of the Iron Buddha Monastery Shi Yan Hong with the warmest of greetingsinvited the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei to present at the “Completion Ceremonyof the Iron Buddha Monastery that is the Nine Dragons Stupa ConsecrationCeremony.”  On September 19th of 2009,before Kongfu monks of Shaolin Temple and thousands of believers, the VajraMaster Jinke Xuanlei walked in grace towards the site of the ceremony.  Greeting monks led the Master on to thecentre of the Main Hall in the temple to preside over the consecrationceremony.  The Master prayed forSaddharma to always present, people to always live in happiness and health,gracious weather all year around, stability for the nation and its people andWorld Peace.

For the purpose of carrying forward Chinese traditional culture and tofurther promote friendly ties between countries around the world, the WorldAssociation of Diplomats organized the “2016 World Diplomats Chinese CultureTrip” to visit the Golden Lotus Lake in Shanglin, Guangxi.  On March 12th, 2016 a delegationof over 50 delegates consists of three representatives from the ShanghaiCooperation Organization, the United Nations Development Program and the Leagueof Arab States, as well as ambassadors and diplomats from Sri Lanka, Columbia,Chili, Russia, Malaysia, Brunei, Maldives, Romania, Montenegro, Moldova, Mauritius,Cape Verde, Hungry, Greece, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Malawi, Zimbabwe,Bahrain, Afghanistanand many other countries arrived in Shanglin.

With a shovel in hand, all the diplomats planted trees in front of theWorld Peace Prayer Mandala.  Each one ofthe trees planted are symbols of wisdom, great love, friendship and peace.  Through this joint effort, everyone hopes theWorld Peace and Friendship Trees will grow strong and tall and their entangledroots will unite them with community of the common destiny to protect WorldPeace!  And to build a beautiful home formankind!  Since he came out of the deepmountains over two decades ago, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei had committedhimself in carrying forward Sino Esoteric Buddhism culture and promoting WorldPeace.  To recognize his tirelessefforts, the World Association of Diplomats and the organizing committee of theWorld Diplomats Chinese Culture Trip presented the special honorary title “OneBelt and One Road” Messenger of Peace to the Master.  By their observation of the Master’s pastefforts, they value the Master as the cultural ambassador of Sino EsotericBuddhism who is spreading the message of peace, friendship, and great love.

Jinke Mandala Artists of Sino Esoteric Buddhism wasalso invited to participate in the “First Silk Road (Dunhuang) InternationalCultural Expo”.  During the expo, theexhibition of the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei’s paintings and calligraphies ofdivine wisdom became the focal point. Spectators gathered in groups to appreciate these magnificient artworksthat they had never seen before.

After he is acquainted with the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei’s efforts inpromoting Mandala cultures and the Buddha’s compassionate love around the worldin the past few decades, the honorable guest of the Expo Mr. PalithaTewarapperuma, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs from Sri Lanka, wasdeeply moved. When he had learned that the Master had used art and theBuddha-dharma to resolve hatred amongst people and advocate tirelessly forWorld Peace, hee said with great emotions: “My country also has manyh conflictsbetween different races.  We need MandalaCulture artworks to bring back the great love of the Buddha to our country, tohelp us resolve conflicts and bring peace and happiness to our people.

Sino Esoteric Buddhism Connects the World

During October 1st toOctober 25th of 2009, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei travelled over land andsea to bring the wisdom seed of Bodhi to America to give salvation to thoseworthy.  On October 11th “World PeaceDay”, with the invitation from the organizing committee the Vajra Master JinkeXuanlei presided over the “World Peace Praying Ceremony” held in WashingtonSquare to pray for World Peace and the happiness of all sentient beings!  Believers from different religiousbackgrounds, Muslims, Catholics, Christians, and others, peace lovers andeminent persons from around the world attended the praying ceremony.  The Master was majestic, compassionate andmerciful.  He blessed all believers bytouching their head to purify their deeds, gave them wisdom and happiness andplanted the seed of wisdom in them.  Atthe ruins of the World Trade Center in New York, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanleiand his disciples held a ceremony on October 17th to pray for all Buddhas often directions and realms to come and release the souls of the victims in 9.11from purgatory.  On October 23rd, theVajra Master Jinke Xuanlei went to the Memorial Hall of Pearl Harbor to releasethe souls of soldiers who had dead in the attack on Pearl Harbor during WWIIfrom purgatory, may they all reach the gates of heaven.

January 2011 saw the warmest invitation from the Canadian Senator Mr.Roger Pomerleau M.P. to the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei to visit Vancouver inCanada.  He welcomed the Master and praisedhim for all his contribution and efforts in promoting mutual understandingbetween the citizens of both countries and for engaging in religious andculture exchange events!  During theMaster’s trip in Canada, he also met with Senator Derek Lee M.P., Minister ofIndustry Mr. Christian Paradis, special assistant to the former Prime Ministerof Canada Mr. Marc Kealey, former Minister of Culture of Ontario Mr. DavidTsubouchi, special Ambassador of the Japanese Culture Center Mr. Sid KiyoshiIkeda and elite Canadian-Chinese and others from all walks of life inCanada.  The Master propagated theBuddha-Dharma and enlightened them with the truth of life.  With the sincere invitation from the Mayor ofMarkham in Ontario, Mr. Frank Scarpitti, the Vajra Master and his disciplesattended the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fundraising Banquet.  The Master prayed together with everyone forthe earthquake struck Japanese people, to release the souls of those who diedduring the earthquake so may they find peace in heaven.

By the officially invitation of President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. ofPalau, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei and members of the Sino Esoteric BuddhismAssociation arrived on September 30th. They joined in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of theindependence of Palau.  On the afternoonof October 1st President Tommy E. Remengesau met with the representatives ofthe Sino Esoteric Buddhism Association and exchanged friendly communications.  The President put his hand together and bowedin front of the Master to be blessed and having the seed of wisdom planted.

That afternoon, the Vajra MasterJinke Xuanlei and his disciples held a Sino Esoteric Buddhism Fire OfferingRitual in front of the Capital Building. The Master led Jinke disciples to walk around thecapital buildings step by step while chanting esoteric mantras to set up theJinke Mandala in preparation to pray for the Republic of Palau and to pray forWorld Peace: as the ritualistic Guards of Honor marched on, guests attendingthe celebration were attracted by the mysterious oriental Buddhist culture andgathered around to observe, taking pictures and eventually joining in.  Applause and cheers mixed in with the soundof dharma horn and drums to reach high into the clouds.

On October3rd, the Master invited the Prime Minister Secilil Eldebechel and thePresidential assistant Vann Isaac to the Palasia Hotel to present two JinkeMandala Esoteric paintings which were drawn by the Master personally.  One is the <Dragon of the East>, and theother is the <Wisdom of Vajra>.

The China Public Diplomacy Association joined togetherwith the Embassy of China in India and the Embassy of China in Bangladesh toorganize “The South Asia Trip of the Ambassadors of Culture from China” inMarch of 2015.  The Vajra Master JinkeXuanlei was invited to participate in the events.

On March 26, the first leg of the “South Asia Trip” was the grandopening ceremony of the “Exhibition of Fine Arts of Contemporary China” tocelebrate the 65th Anniversary of Sino-India Diplomatic Ties.  During the inaguaration, the grand paintingand calligraphy titled “The Vajrayana Mandala of Dragon and Elephant” createdby the Master attracted the attentions of eminient persons from all sectors ofIndian society.  A prominent scholar inthe India culture scene Prof. Dr. Lokesh Chandra gave the ancient “VajradhatuMandala” and “Garbhadhatu Mandala” to the Master and said: “The Master hadbrought the seed of Sino Esoteric Buddhism back to India and this has neverhappened in history.  The actions of theMaster had reopened the door for Buddha-dharma exchange between the twocountries which had been closed for over 1200 years……..”  He had treasured these mandalas for decades.

On the evening of March 28th, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei was invitedmake keynote speech at the “First Asian Peace Forum”, which was organized bythe Society for Asian Integration. Thereafter, the Master and his disciples was invited to visit Sarnath,the Ganga, Bodi Gaya, the Ancient Nalanda University and the Memorial Hall ofXuanzang.  The Master propagated theBodhi seed of compassion where ever he went; to redirect his boundless virtues,merits and compassion to the people of India. He had caused sensations everywhere he visited; believers of differentreligions all love and esteemed him.

On April 2nd, during the celebrationg of the 40thAnniversary of Sino-Bangladesh Diplomatic Ties with the “Exhibition of Fine Arts of ContemporaryChina”.  The Minister for Cultural Affairs Mr.Asaduzzaman Noor told reporters during his interview: “The divine paintings bythe Master had broken the normal rules of painting. This kind of creativenessis extremely rare to see, and it builds a great bridge linking the culture andart aspects of Bangladesh and China……..”

On Aprid 3rd, the Master and his disciples was invited by SanghanayakaSuddhananda Mahathero, a renowned Buddhism leader in Sout Asia and the LordAbbot of the Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery, to visit his monastery.  By the invitation of the Lord Abbot, theMaster led his disciples to the square of the Buddha statue to start theextraordinary prayer ceremony of Sino Esoteric Buddhism Mandala; to pray forthe people of Bangladesh, to pray for the peaceful friendship between China andBangladesh.

Sino Esoteric Buddhism Jinke Mandala artists had also been invited tovisit Thailand, Nepal, Indonisia, Japan and many other countries to carryforward traditional Chinese culture and to spread the Bodhi Compassion.

An Awakened Master Who Had Mastered the Five Ancient Sciences

Numerousawards and honors were bestowed upon the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei fromvarious organizations around the world, such as the Doctor of Medicine Degreefrom the Open International University, which is affiliated with the WHO of theUN, the Fellowship Register of Royal Complementary Practioner issued by theComplementary Medicine and Medicine Alternativa Institute of the OpenInternational University, the Royal Physician Certificate of Excellence givenby the Ancient Order of Kings, the Achievement’s Award of Human Green Medicinefrom the World Natural Medicine Organization, the World Famous Doctor Awardgranted by the World Peace Foundation of the UN NGO, the Doctorate of HonorDoctor issued by the World Research Center for Celebrity Culture of USA, theAchievement’s Award of Art in China Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting andhe was also invited to be the Council Member of the Red Cross Society of China.  In 2014, the art works of the Master wereshowcased at the Louvre Museum in France to honor the 50th Anniversary of theEstablishment of Sino-France diplomatic relations, where the award oftraditional art was given to the Master by the International Exhibition ofEastern Art in Paris.

The divine paintings andcalligraphies by the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei are drawn by arranging theMandala according to the Sadhana (esoteric liturgy) of Jinke Mandala.  Before hestarts to work on each of his paintings or calligraphies the Master will prayto all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Guardians of heavenly realms for them todescend on to the Mandala by envisioning and chanting mantras, reciting sutras,forming mudras, embodying the Dharmakaya, his spirit reaching the realm of thedivine, and connecting directly with the top of Mount Meru.  By concentrating the powers of the wisdom ofVajra on to the brush, the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei can write with the brushlevitated in the air …… the art works possesses miraculous powers ofblessing.  It cannot be compared with thetechniques of regular art works.  Themeanings behind each art work are the most extraordinary and the easier approachgiven by the Master to practice the dharma that is filled with deep andprofound esoteric meanings; a most treasured holy jewel bestowed by the Masterto his disciples and those who are connected with Buddhism.  Many leaders both home and abroad as well asmany high ranking officials of the CPPCC and eminent persons have had thechance to treasure and praise the Master’s paintings and calligraphies.  The chairman of the Buddhist Association ofChina, vice-president of CPPCC, Mr. Zhao Puchu had said before: “The paintingsand calligraphies of the Master Jinke Xuanlei have filled in the great void inBuddhism Art.”  The curator of NationalArt Museum of China, Mr. Fan Di’An praised the calligraphy of the Master JinkeXuanlei with: “Where it seems to be formless there is structure, where thereseems to be structure there is no form. Its richness in texture is full of tenacity, charm and the flow of Ch’iis fluent and potent.  It is an art formall on its own that could only be described as a wonder that could not becopied.”  The curator’s inscription ofthe Master was: “An inspiration of heaven and earth for the benefit ofmankind.”

Mr. Wu Jiagui, a famous Chinese calligrapher had said with deep emotion:“The calligraphy of the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei is neither Yan, Wang norZhao Style.  The Master does not have tofollow the traditional rules of regular script, clerical script, nor sealcharacters.  It is truly a unique form ofpanting and calligraphy……”

The curator of the National Art Museum of China Mr. Wu Weishan, praisedthat the Master’s art works had established new traditions and weremagnificent.  His inscription to theMaster was: “The brush that can control wind and rain”.

TheChina Public Diplomacy Association and the Artist Association of China joinedtogether and organized the grand opening ceremony of ‘Colorful Asian, CulturalChina’ International Art Exhibition at the Times Art Museum of Beijing onNovember 10th of 2014.  The organizingcommittee specially invited the Master to showcase his magnificent works ofwisdom, namely <The Vajra of Wisdom> and <The Eastern Dragon> andother works.  The People’s Daily, XinhuaNews and many other media reported the exhibition extensively.  Diplomats from Jamaica, Italy, Portugal, Venezuela,Columbia and many other countries invited the Master to visit their country toraise awareness of Sino Esoteric Buddhism; to showcase the masterpieces of SinoEsoteric Buddhism Mandala to their people.

The Enlightened Master Reappears to Benefit All Willing

With the restoration and rebuilding of the ancient Lianyin Temple inShanglin County of Guangxi Autonomous Region of China, the Vajra Master JinkeXuanlei had bestowed all the merits, knowledge and wealth he had acquired inthe past few decades to all Sentient Beings. This is for the propagation of Buddha-Dharma and to give salvation toall through compassion and mercy.  TheVajra Master Jinke Xuanlei will also lead his disciples to start the grandconstruction of the Jinke Mandala Culture Center, the ASEAN Countries’ PeacePraying Mandala, the Thousand Buddhas Cave and the Medicine Buddha Pagoda.  The construction of the Ancient PagodaCulture Park in Chaoyang District, Beijing will include the restoration of theTemple of Guanyin (Avalokiteshvara), the Jivita Temple and two other temples,the World Peace Praying Mandala, the Jinke Mandala Culture Center, BeijingJinke Mandala Painting and Calligraphy Institute; many other structures in thestyle of Buddhism will also be a part of the project.  The efforts for these projects are to providea pure land for all Sentient Being to practice Buddha-Dharma in equanimity andto benefit all human kind.

The Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei will spread the Buddha-Dharma which will bringsalvations to all Sentient Beings, for this he will conquer many greatdifficulties and overcome all obstacles. He never cares about fame or fortune; always contributes in silence, andmake sacrifices when needed.  He vows toextend the teachings of the Buddha to all Sentient Beings, for the rich or thepoor, the high caste or low, no matter how hard or painful it will be tohim.  He will cleanse and enlighten thesouls of all Sentient Beings for the benefit of the country and itspeople.  He often says:” My greatesttreasure comes from the awakening of Sentient Beings.”

The Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei is a Mahasiddha of Wholly Complete with the PrajnaSainthood of Inner Radiance Enlightenment and Sambhogakaya Nirvana.  He is a great spiritual leader who has returned to the desire realm to honor his vows of compassion.  He came down from the mountains to teach the essences of Sino Esoteric Buddhism, lost in history for more than one thousand years, this treasure of China is now finally brought back into the eyes of the people, in the hopes of leading mankind into obtaining true faith, and find the right faith, the right insight, the right awareness, the right practice, and finally be awakened, which in turn will remove their troubles from the cycle of life and birth and finally achieve Nirvana.

The Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei, a Mahasiddha had immersed all his life and soul into the state of the Buddha-Dharma and turned all his merits, vows, wisdom, compassion and mercy towards all sentient beings.  He will cleanse and enlighten the souls of all Sentient Beings, bringing hope to all by showing the way to enlightenment, teach wisdom to all; for those who wish to profess to the Buddha-Dharma in hope of reaching enlightenment he will give them courage to progress rapidly in the practice of Buddha-Dharma, to practice the six paramitas in everyday life, to end all their sufferings and sorrows, stand-still the cycle of rebirth for those who wish to be reborn in the Pure Land of Vairochana located in the center of the universe.

He, who had come from history, will eventually return to history ……

We wish all those who desire an end to suffering and sorrow will find their way to enlightenment, and to always make merits to benefit all with happiness and joy.

Let the boundless love of our heart spread to every corner of the world, let there be no more hatred nor hostility, and may all sentient beings rejoice in the goodwill that has been brought forth by this love we share!

Jinke Saddharma of Tathagata, Esoteric Buddhism from photonDharmakaya.

Auspicious light break obstacles, divine nectar prevent disasters.

Wisdom of Vajradhatu and Gabardhadu, virtues reappear in Mandala.

All realms praise the Master, reborn to return merits to sentient beings.

Om Namo Mahavairocana of the East!

Om Namo True Dharmakaya Jinyin Buddha of the East!

Om Namo Shakyamuni Buddha!

Om Namo Amitabha!

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